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Value is the market intelligence platform for stakeholders in the sports tech industry.


We provide you with relevant information enabling you to take better and more efficient decisions in your daily business.

How We Create Value.

Find, filter, and digest all information in one place. Become an expert in sports tech and always stay up-to-date on the latest developments.


Save hours of research and online searches.

Have a full overview about any products and providers enabling you to take the best decision.

  • Find the best technology for your needs

  • Have a central platform for all information

  • Educate your whole institution easily

  • Become an expert in sport tech

  • Compare different solutions

  • Always stay on top of tech development

Our Valuable Partners.

Andreas Janmyr
Head of Analysis 
AIK Fotboll

Value is a great platform to quickly find any relevant information in one central place. The platform helps us to keep an overview easily regarding football specific systems and saves us a significant amount of time. We are very much looking forward to new segments to be added.

Arnau Navarro

Assistant Coach

Wuhan Three Towns FC

Value solves a big problem in soccer and enables users to easily keep an overview about the dynamic sports tech industry. It saves us a lot of time and is a great solution to quickly find information and conduct market overviews.

Philipp Netzer

Sports Coordinator


For us as a relatively small club, it is important to work effectively. Regarding the development of our club, Value provides us with the opportunity to make decisions in a clear and time-saving manner.

Steffen Haas
Head of Analysis and Sports Technology
Eintracht Frankfurt

We use Value and it saves us a lot of time. It is easy-to-use, we can keep an overview about sports tech, compare different solutions and take better decisions faster.  Value is a great tool and I strongly recommend the platform to every club - both to smaller and bigger ones!

Christian Flüthmann

Sporting Director

Rot-Weiss Essen

As a Sporting Director my time is very limited. Nevertheless, I always need to stay up to date on the latest developments in sports technology. With Value, I can easily keep an overview and make better informed decisions quicker.

Christian Puchinger

Head of Performance

FK Austria Wien

We immediately saw that Value saves us huge amounts of time and enables us to take better decisions. For the majority of clubs, it is impossible to keep an overview about the sports tech industry as it is so dynamic. With Value we now have a central place not only for up-to-date information but also a platform to exchange with other users and share experiences.
I strongly recommend this platform to every club!

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