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Our platform is actively used by clubs, leagues, and FAs. The information ensures you take better decisions in a shorter amount of time and allows any stakeholder to stay on top of all sports technology developments. 


Companies can utilise the platform by adding information on their products and create high quality leads.









  • Neutral information

  • Become your own experts – no consulting service anymore

  • Better and faster information – no random research

  • Free of charge for clubs, leagues and federations

Clubs, leagues and federations can assess the sports technology industry in the most efficient way. Save hours of work to screen websites or other sources of information. Avoid unnecessary sales calls and filter out buzzwords so you can focus on the relevant facts.


Compare different solutions with each other or find out about features you may want to use in your workflows.


Companies offering services in the sport tech space can ensure to become visible in the central platform.


Save costs for useless sales efforts and get high quality leads through the platform enabling you to shorten the sales cycles, significantly.


Focus on building relationships and enter a discussion at a highly qualified stage.


  • High quality engagement – no cold lead generation​

  • Shorter sales cycles – no need to waste time and resources

  • Focus on relationships – no need to chase the rabbit

  • Unlock the full potential with your own digital showroom

  • Become an expert – no need to follow the crowd anymore​

  • Dive deep on details - don't just scratch the surface

  • Stay focused - no need to collect information yourself

  • Build your own equity - no more uncertainties

Individuals can use the platform to become a true expert in the sport tech industry. Understand the landscape and prepare yourself for your next job.


Build up your own equity and ensure to stay on top of all developments in the sport tech industry.


Prove your professionalism and bring huge value to your new adventure. 


Investors can use the platform to get a neutral and complete assessment of the sport tech industry.


Identify real opportunities and avoid “lame ducks” because you miss a good overview about the industry.


Easily validate a potential USP and take better investment decisions. 


  • Knowledge - no guessing

  • Constantly updated - no snapshot views

  • Clarity - no hidden information

  • Validate opportunities - minimize risk

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