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We love sport, and we love technology. 

We empower better decisions and make processes more efficient, by providing neutral information.

Our mission is to get the best out of technology without distracting people from their core business.

The decision to build the VALUE platform originated from feedback we received from the sport tech industry, the sport network and our own experiences we were allowed to gain over the past years. VALUE connects all stakeholders in a central platform and is an asset for any stakeholder.



The tech industry is agile, dynamic and constantly developing. New companies enter the market, permanently and existing companies keep adding new services to their portfolio.


VALUE allows keeping an overview about the tech industry in an easy way. Stakeholders can focus on their core business, stay up to date on new developments and by this save time and efforts. Decisions are made on information and no longer on guessing or just following trends. 


It is hard and effortful to keep an overview about tech developments. Comparing different services is difficult. The probability to miss something is high. Staff is distracted from their actual tasks; this is even harder for teams with less resources.

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